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See how PrepScholar has helped students in their college dreams.  Our testimonials come from both our admissions program and other PrepScholar programs like Complete Prep and tutoring to give you and idea of the goals we strive for.

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It's been spectacular working with Prepscholar Admissions! The level of care my son Michael got really went above and beyond the call of duty.  I wasn't sure about working with a consultant at first because of two usual reasons: how much it costs, and I wasn't sure whether Mike's app would be heavily in the flavor of the consultant's style, looking "too polished" and "not real".  

These two questions were really quickly addressed when we first started working with Prepscholar and Laura.  

One memorable part of the start was in one of the first admission consulting sessions. Laura asked my son to talk about his narrative starting from when he was a very young. Most of the time, Laura listened patiently and thoughtfully, but every once in a while she'd ask questions to get at why he did the things he did, to get at what really motivated my son in a way that could be beneficially described to colleges.  She highlighted values and application positioning that neither my son nor I had seen before.

Through the consulting sessions, Laura was able to hone in on Mike's true values, and the best positioning to colleges.  She helped pick the best activities and way to word the activities on the applications.  

After many sessions, the application and essay writing became more natural for Mike.  I'm glad to say that his voice fully shines through the essays.  Laura just helped him cut out unneeded information, and help hit the word limit and make the most important points.  Laura was an expert at knowing how to position clubs and activities as well.  

Because of Prepscholar, we were able to put forward a strong application, and in the end Mike got accepted by both Stanford and University of Chicago!  We're thrilled to have worked with Prepscholar and would recommend them to all parents and students who want to submit the strongest college application they can.

- Nadine C. mother of Michael C. from Basking Ridge, NJ

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We are so confident that you will love our admissions consulting that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Yes, if you don’t like our service, you don’t have to pay a cent for the hours of consulting you get! Simply let us know within 3 days of your first consulting session, and get an immediate and full refund.  (See exact terms here.)  

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I was really confused about how to apply for college. My school counselors didn't help at all, and my parents cared a lot but weren't experts. I felt overwhelmed, and scared that I wasn't going to stand out.

PrepScholar guided me through the entire process. My consultant Anna was amazing. First she interviewed me for 2 hours, understanding who I was, what I wanted, and what was unique about me. Then she helped me choose schools to balance my chances of getting in. She planned out my timelines and stayed on top of me to get things done. We went through 11 drafts of my Common App personal statement, until I was so proud of my essay and it felt so "me." I really felt like every application I submitted presented me in the best possible way.

I'm now thrilled to say that I'm entering Cornell as the Class of 2022!

- Noah G. from Rochester, NY

Words from PrepScholar Clients

"I'm Indian applying to US Colleges, and I did my research to see what options I had before working with Prepscholar.  I was impressed by David's encouragement for me to apply to the best schools possible.  Some other consultants I talked to were discouraging and wanted me to apply to safer schools (so my work and their work will be easier), but not Prepscholar.  David thought that I should expand my set of reach colleges, and go even higher and wider (to maximize the chance I get accepted to a great college).  

David was also very responsive in the application process, and so I never had any issues with deadlines.  David is not the type of person who would let you put in a weak application or have some flaw in the application and still have it submmitted.  He pushed me and told me I could do better when he thought some part (my essay) wasn't enough, and that really made a difference in acceptances in the end.

We enjoyed hours and hours of consulting, and I really got to think about the different ways I can put my story forward in a way that college like.  David was smart to point out my SAT was too low for my marks, and when I sat for the test again, I indeed got a much higher score.  

I'm also happy to say I got two scholarships due to Prepscholar's help too, so this was more than worth it.  I've decided to attend Yale.  I recommend Prepscholar very much!"

- Aaditya R., Gurgaon, HR, India

Prepscholar admissions is AMAZING!!! David's advice and edits really made a lot of sense and helped a ton.  He was also SUPER fast with his response -- usually just taking a few hours.

I worked with prepscholar for about eight months. David helped me with all the details of the application, and this included things like telling a good story with my activities, and essays, and all sorts of questions I had on the application.  His guide made the process so much better than it would have otherwise been.  He really figured out how to tell MY story to the colleges which is really important in thinking about the application.

I am so grateful in working with prepscholar and David.  In the end I got accepted to my top choices, and I've said yes to a top 5 college.  I totally recommend prepscholar!

  -Erin K. from Sunnyvale, CA

"Noah did an excellent job helping me tell my story. Over our first week, he provided very helpful feedback on my topic ideas and quickly identified a concept that ended up leading to a well-formed essay. He was also very helpful and encouraging throughout the process, and he provided accurate and specific feedback that helped me create an essay that felt very true to myself. Paradoxically, the essay we created together felt much more genuine than any of the attempts I had made at drafting an essay on my own beforehand!"

-Jay L.

Even More Success Stories

"Prepscholar’s personalized approach to the admissions process is invaluable. Eric’s "show, don’t tell" philosophy is practical and proven. Allen and the Prepscholar team embody this essential value with their own degrees and educational accolades. I trust them with my collegiate future. I would suggest that anyone needing guidance through the admissions process do the same."

-Lane W.

"I believe that our consultant was a perfect match for Nick - as well as myself. She responded timely to every email, whether it be to Nick or myself. She was a calming influence throughout this entirely stressful process. Given everything that Nick brought to the table, you guys helped him wrap it up and present it the best way he could. Nick would not have been able to keep track of everything and produce the essays he did without Samantha's eagerness to help. I truly believe that our consultant cared about Nick and wanted to see him get into the school of his choice. I would absolutely recommend PrepScholar to another parent."

-Michael S. (parent, Columbia class of 2023) 

Featured Case Study: Truman T.

A fourth-year varsity defenseman on his high school lacrosse team and a member of prominent club and national teams, Truman spends a lot of time on the road and at practice. Between lacrosse, IB classes, and active participation in Student Council, his school’s honor society, Service Club, and his school’s literary magazine, Truman has little time to prepare for college applications.

Learn how PrepScholar helped Truman get admitted to Harvard 

Additional Case Studies

When Kyra started out at PrepScholar as a 9th grader, she was largely a C and D student. She struggled to hand in work on time, and what assignments she did manage to submit reflected a careless and hasty approach to schoolwork. With lofty goals of winning creative writing contests and attending a Top-20 college, Kyra and her parents turned to PrepScholar for guidance.

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Shana is not only determined to attend Stanford or another Top 10 Computer Science program but also seeking a full financial aid package as an international student. It’s a daunting project, so at the start of her rising senior summer, she enrolls in PrepScholar’s Complete Application Package. Shana’s Admissions Consultant, Kris, is delighted to support her in creating a compelling narrative that will convince her dream schools that they need her.

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As a high school senior, Cameron was waitlisted at Harvard and rejected from a number of other top colleges. Now a freshman at a Top 50 undergraduate institution in the Northeast, Cameron's aspirations to dual major in biology and anthropology, and minor in visual art, are stifled by their school's limitations. Knowing that transfer odds vary each year, with some highly selective schools oftentimes accepting no transfer students, Cameron enrolls in PrepScholar's Complete Application Package with the hopes of reapplying to Harvard, and other elite schools.

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High school sophomore Jake has shown impressive academic ability in a rigorous course schedule, but he struggles with confidence, time management, and study skills. Moreover, during the last year, Jake's parents have witnessed his interest in his classes dwindle. Overwhelmed and disconnected from his studies, Jake is struggling with anxiety and burnout and losing his commitment to his schoolwork. Jake and his parents decide to take action by enrolling in the PrepScholar Mentorship program.

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